Hello world, apologies for the delay in updating the blog, things have been rather hectic here. First of all I’d like to give a quick shout-out to Laura Jeans Da Silva, a MDes Fashion & Business graduate from the University of Brighton who recently received her results and passed with distinction – congratulations! We’ve built Laura a simple website that provides her with a clean and simple front online, as requested, and allows her to easily present her work in an accessible manner – you can check it out at www.laurajeansdasilva.com. We’re also busy creating a rather awesome iOS app, the first for an organization, which is rather exciting. It’s a huge task – the biggest app we’ve done yet – and will be in-progress for at least a month, but it’s all very exciting – especially as there’s the prospect of positive reviews from gold and silver olympic medal winners.

Moving on to other things, we also designed leavers shirts for a University of Oxford college which we’ll be updating the website with soon. Sincere apologies to Firefox users for the past four days or so on which our homepage was broken. It was a rather elusive bug that, when eventually tracked down, ended up being a fault with the IDE we were using. So sadly, since Coda 2 doesn’t seem to fully understand encoding as well as it should, we’re back to Dreamweaver for the time being (which immediately alleviated the issue). All issues are now addressed and everything should be flowing nicely again.

I can’t think of any other updates at this point in time, and will close with a link to Jimmy Wales’s (the founder of Wikipedia) petition on change.org, fighting the extradition of Richard O’Dwyer to the USA. I don’t believe the US should have the right to drag a UK citizen to their country for federal prosecution, for a breach of US law on UK soil (the case against Richard by UK authorities was dropped). It sets an ugly precedent, and highlights a vulnerability in the Extradition Act of 2003 where it is both too easy for the US to get granted extradition for UK citizens, and unbalanced in that it’s much harder for things to go the other way (a US citizen being extradited to the UK). If you’re interested, please visit http://goo.gl/HKQQl and read http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jun/24/richard-o-dwyer-my-petition to get an understanding of the argument against the extradition.

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Okami goes LIVE!



Okami Studio is finally LIVE! Woooohoo! After many months of revising the website, starting over, adding little elements and more, we’re finally live! We’re overjoyed and happy to finally be able to start getting social online. We had held off being too active on websites like Twitter, knowing there was only a landing page to greet curious visitors. However, now that our website is live and finalized, we can finally start tweeting and catching up with all the cool kids (more on the social arrangements tomorrow!).

I’d never have thought that we’d manage to get six apps made, five in the store, before we’d get our website up but that’s the way things go. We’ve learnt a lot over the past six months and we’re at a stage where we feel comfortable showing off how far we’ve come and who we’ve helped so far. A big thanks to Tim and Rich @ Shotgun Front for all their help and support so far, it’s comforting to have friends in this journey.

Anyway, my Sunday evening is being eaten too much and there’s a lot to do tomorrow as we socially launch the website! We hope you enjoy browsing the websites and if you’d like to enquire about some work, or just wish to say hello, then please feel free to email us at: shout@okamistudio.com. Bye for now ~

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